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You have arrived at the website of Welcome Dental of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our experienced providers, Drs.  R. Thomas Bayley, III,   Robert T. Bayley, IV   and   Akil A. Patel, along with their staff of assistants and hygienists, work together as a team to provide complete dental care for children and adults!

From common problems to gum disease, we provide a wide range of dental services to meet all your family's needs, including:

General Dentistry

Whether you are looking for a routine cleaning, or you're having pain or another problem, or you know you have some general dental work to get done, or you're new to the area and need a new dentist, or you've been travelling too far for too long to your old dentist - we can help!    Plus - we probably participate with your dental insurance plan.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Remember - ALL dentistry, including what's in your mouth right now, is cosmetic in one way or another, and it says something to somebody.  Maybe you need to enhance your smile with anything from the lightening of one dark tooth, to an entire smile makeover, with cosmetic treatments such as whitening, porcelain crowns or veneers, or tooth-colored fillings - we can help!

CARING Dentistry

Many people have very good reasons for being anxious or downright frightened about visiting the dentist.  Feelings of guilt about their teeth, thoughts about bad experiences in the past, worry about being chastised about how long it's been since last time, concern about being sold something unnecessary - we understand all these things, and we promise to be sensitive to YOUR concerns.  WE DO NOT THROW GUILT TRIPS!!   We listen.  And we listen good.

We believe in open, honest communication. We promise to speak candidly and understandably with you about what you think, what you feel, what we see, what we might recommend, and what options you have.  We can work together with one common goal - keeping your smile beautiful and your teeth, gums and jaw joints healthy!

At Welcome Dental, your smile is our top priority!

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