Dear Friend

The time has come. After 40 years, I have retired from chairside dental care. Some of you already know this; others have heard me talking about it for a while now. But I’m writing to let you know that it’s now official. I may still be seen around the office from time to time, as I do administrative work, repair some things, do some lab work, or consult with the other dentists once in a while, but I have passed on the general dentistry to my son, Dr. Rob and Dr. Patel. Simply put, they are capable of doing the work with skills of hand and heart that equal and exceed those I once knew. 

Thank you for the years that you put your trust in me for your care, and I am grateful for you having brought your families and friends to me. I trust you feel that I served you well, and in return I must express my appreciation to you for making it possible for us to build a practice that is not winding down, but is growing more than ever! I retire satisfied with a measure of success over the years, and I place you in excellent hands for your continued care under Dr. Rob and Dr. Patel. Please trust them and the rest of the staff as you’ve trusted me. I could not send you to anyone better, even if I wanted to. 

Special thanks to those of you who have been patients from the very beginning, in 1978. During the last several years, it has been a special encouragement to me each time I’ve seen you. You know who you are, and I thank you with the deepest gratitude. 


R. Thomas Bayley, III, D.M.D. 

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